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The Association of International Accountants - Quality Assured

"Thinking big and acting locally has been key to success"

In 2011 CI Accountancy became one of only eleven UK practices to become a member of the M.G.I. worldwide network. The invaluable contacts we are able to access through the M.G.I group allow us to provide global coverage to clients who are looking to trade internationally.

M.G.I was established in 1947 and has built a reputation for the expertise and professionalism of its members. M.G.I is the 13th largest accountancy organisation in the world (by turnover), with a turnover of $500 million.

M.G.I. members tailor their specialities to their own local market in the knowledge that when they want to interact globally they have immediate access to the very latest information on worldwide business.

Facts about M.G.I

  • There are 158 members in 280 offices in 82 countries worldwide (this equates to 800 partners and 6000 support staff) 
  • M.G.I is an alliance of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms worldwide
  • Strict guidelines and regular reviews are conducted for members to ensure standard are being maintained
  • Provides clients with access to international services of multi-national accountancy firms with the service of a smaller practice


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