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professional sports players

 "We understand many of the issues of being a professional sports player"


To make the most of your financial arrangements professional advice can be of great benefit. We understand many of the issues of being a professional sport player in what ever your chosen sport.

How can we help you?

  • We have over 12 years experience in managing the tax efficient structure and compliance of professional sports player’s contracts, in particular those of non-UK nationals pursuing their playing careers in the UK.
  • We work with contracting parties where necessary, being the player and agent on the one hand, and employer club on the other.
  • We use techniques that are well established and accepted, based on existing tax case law, and therefore are not reportable to the HMRC as ‘schemes’.
  • We would make an examination of the player’s commercial worth and intellectual property value in the context of the overall package to be paid by the employer.
  • This is established in an image rights contract, separate to the playing contract. It is the management of the image rights contract and structure which is our primary function.
  • We also provide personal taxation advice and assistance in reporting to the individual players if so required.

The reasons why this gives you the greatest financial rewards are:-

The division between commercial value and the actual payment for playing can have important commercial and tax advantages for the participants.

For example, a foreign (non UK) national playing in the UK can benefit from significant savings in personal taxation. Also, the employing club makes commensurate savings on NI payments.

Employer organisations in sports industries, with payroll or salary caps, may also be able to engage with intellectual property managers to enable contractual salary spend to be on playing salary alone, thus enabling greater budgetary flexibility when signing players.


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