1. We were approached by a local Company involved in transport and logistics. The Company had undergone a period of expansion and decided they needed help with their bookkeeping and accountancy requirements. They did not feel they were ready to employ a full time Finance Director but the amount of financial record keeping was proving a challenge for the in-house bookkeeper.

C I Accountancy offers an on-site bookkeeping service where we visit the client on a regular basis to update their Accountancy records, produce management reports, chase debtors and reconcile the banking.

Whilst initially we were not the Company’s Accountants, we worked with them to get the books up to date and ready for the year end Accounts production. In addition, the production of management reports meant that the Directors knew how the Company was performing on a regular basis and could make those important business decisions using up to date financial information.

The bank reconciliation and the work on debtor control made a huge difference to the Company cash flow and helped the Directors recognise the customers they wanted to work with and those they didn’t.

Ultimately C I Accountancy effectively took on the role of a part time Company Finance Director as we were tasked with completing the VAT return and the Payroll submissions in addition to the bookkeeping. The Directors could then do what they were good at in running the Company, making the business decisions safe in the knowledge that the finance operations were being handled accurately and professionally. 

On-site visits can be arranged from a few hours to a few days per month. Could this make a difference to your business?

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