We were contacted by another firm of Accountants who had a Trust client in dispute with HMRC regarding its outstanding tax liabilities. Trusts can be quite involved and the relevant tax laws very complicated. At C I Accountancy, the principle, Gary Killmister, is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners with many years’ experience dealing with Trusts.

Gary spent some time reviewing the case, in particular inspecting the relevant Trust documentation, and was able to establish that HMRC had made an error in the calculation of the Trust tax liabilities. Gary worked with the other firm of Accountants and the client to put together a case which was subsequently presented to HMRC. The case was accepted by HMRC and resulted in a tax saving in excess of £4million in tax.

Are you involved in a Trust or have issues regarding the complex requirements of operating Trust? Get some expert help – give Gary a ring.

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