…no, not THAT particular Christmas party.

While the subject of Christmas parties is on everyone’s mind (one party in particular getting special attention at the time of this post) let’s chat about them – specifically, about how you can maximise the tax benefit available to you.

Last year most UK businesses put on a “virtual” Christmas party event and HMRC agreed that would be acceptable in order for there to be no taxable benefit for the employees involved.

There continues to be no taxable benefit for employees provided that all staff are invited, and the cost does not exceed £150 a head, inclusive of VAT.

If you have also had an annual summer event then provided the combined cost of the two events is no more than £150 a head then there would be no taxable benefit in kind. If, however the summer event cost £80 a head and the Christmas party £100 a head only one event would qualify for the exemption.

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